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PLEASE NOTE:  The Foundation is no longer accepting applications.

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"I have, throughout my lifetime, been impressed by the misfortunes of persons in dire need of medical and hospital assistance, but unable to obtain the same because of poverty or limited means … it is my earnest desire and purpose that my said residuary estate be used for the assistance of as many such persons as possible."

With these words, Mr. Gibson conveyed that one of his principal philanthropic interests was medical care; specifically, his desire to enable working people to continue their employment without the burden of untreated illness, or the financial hardship resulting from loss of income associated with untreated illness.

Accordingly, his will also authorized the creation of a Medical Trust within the Foundation, the funds of which provide medical treatment to needy, self-supporting, long-term western Pennsylvania residents who otherwise cannot afford the medical aid which they require.

Inquiries regarding the Addison H. Gibson Foundation Medical Grant Program should be initiated with Rebecca Wallace, Director, using the following guidelines:

Physicians, social service and hospital administrators may contact Rebecca Wallace at (412) 261-1611.

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